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Josephine Davies Satori

Satori is a Buddhist word meaning a moment of presence and inner spaciousness away from the clutter of thought, and reflects saxophonist and composer Josephine Davies’ fascination with Japanese philosophy. It is her most recent artistic project, in which she demonstrates a continuing evolution of sound and style in both her playing and her writing. The deliberate omission of a chordal instrument as well as the frequent absence of regular harmonic sequence allows the compositions to serve as a loose base for the spontaneity and creativity of the players, giving rise to a uniquely integrated trio sound.

Featuring the irrepressible musicality of drummer James Maddren. and bassist Dave Whitford, Satori is an ever-evolving ensemble that defies the categorization of either avant-garde or mainstream jazz, instead shifting deftly and dynamically through various imaginative soundscapes according to where their shared inspiration takes them.

 A snapshot of what the press said
(for more, visit the album page):

 "Definitely a band to watch." ★★★★1/2 (Downbeat Magazine)

"Winning immediacy." ★★★★ (Mojo Magazine)

"Refreshingly imaginative and invigorating." (All About Jazz)

"Inventive, Lyrical." (Jazzwise Magazine)

"Spiritual, Spiralling, Joyful." (UK Vibe)

"Fluent, Imaginative." ★★★★ (The Jazz Mann)

"Irrepressible Tunefulness." (Downbeat Magazine)

"Highly recommended." (Culture Jazz FR)

"Davies hat auf dem Tenorsaxophon einen ungemein kraftvollen und klar umrissenen Ton, mit dem sie Melodien zu ausdrucksstarken Skulpturen macht" - "Davies has an exceptionally powerful and clearly defined tone, with which she turns melodies into expressive sculptures" (BR Klassik)

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