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Montage Full Circle Qt by Polly Dutton.jpg

The Full Circle Quartet and The South Downs Suite

Terry Pack - basses/voice

Joss Peach - piano/percussion/voice

Angus Bishop - drums/percussion

Josephine Davies - saxophones/flute

The origins of ‘Full Circle’ lie with the visionary bandleader and bassist Terry Pack who conceived the idea for a quartet based on strong, clear melodic composition and the synergy and interplay between the musicians.  Inspired by the sights and sounds of the South Downs in East Sussex, and supported by the Arts Council England, he has shaped the group over the past few months to develop the South Downs Suite plus additional material from the other instrumentalists, all of whom also compose.

The musical heart of the project is enhanced by further collaborators who find similar inspiration in the natural world - painter Polly Dutton, poet Mandy Pannett and writer Gwendoline Coates. In a beautiful meld of music, words, and colour, this group offer something truly magical and unique.

 “Full Circle (is) set to take the European scene by storm … a rare treat not to be missed.”

Claire Martin, BBC Radio 3.

Photos by Polly Dutton, shot at The Playroom Studio, Arundel

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